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Beach Clean Up Schedules Thru End of Year 2016

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Bay Bluffs Park / Chimney Park Clean-Up Schedules:
Sponsored By Earth Ethics, Inc., Scenic Highway Foundation and Ocean Hour FL, City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation and Sea Grant 50 Yrs. (IFAS/NOAA).

Ocean Hour FL Schedules Sponsored By:
Ocean Hour FL, the City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Department, Sea Grant 50 Years (IFAS/NOAA) and Gulf Island National Seashore – NPS.


To support a clean environment for the seashores, oceans and marine life for the benefit of marine live and the reduction of ocean debris and its affect on human health.

Plastics don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade and just become smaller pieces.

To promote positive human actions as to human behavior towards the ocean environment and how ocean pollution can and will have a negative impact on the planet and the quality of human life through the food chain. Also, efforts to bring youth groups into and participate in the Ocean Debris issues that they will inherit during their lifetime.

Local Supporters and Sponsors:

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Scenic Highway Foundation, Inc.

Earth Ethics, Inc.


Gulf Islands National Seashore – National Park Service

University of Florida Sea Grant Program (IFAS/NOAA)

City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation (Bay Bluffs Park, Chimney Park and Project GreenShores/Wayside Park)

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Naval Live Oaks Cleanup

Naval Live Oaks:  1st Saturday of every month Come join Ocean Hour clean up at Naval Live Oaks National Park on the first Saturday of every month.   Naval Live Oaks Headquarters is on Highway 98 about two miles east...

Bay Bluffs Park & Chimney Park Cleanup

Volunteer Opportunity to help cleanup Bay Bluffs Park and Chimney Park! Bay Bluffs Park & Chimney Park:  2nd Saturday of the month Come join the Scenic Highway Foundation, Earth Ethics and Ocean Hour for a two location clean up on...

Project GreenShores Cleanup

Volunteer Opportunity to help cleanup GreenShores! Project GreenShores:  3RD Saturday of every month: Come join Ocean Hour for clean up at Project Greenshores, also know as Wayside Park West, 745 Bay Front Parkway, the third Saturday of every month.  Project...