Chinese Privet

Chinese Privet (Ligustrum sinense) – Chinese Privet is a semi-evergreen to evergreen flowering shrub of the olive family and has traditionally been used as an ornamental throughout the southern states. It tolerates shade, and can grow to 20-30 feet in height, often forming dense thickets, particularly in bottomland forests and field edges. In addition to physically displacing native plants, Chinese Privet has been associated with an in¬creased rate of decomposition in forest litter, which may lead to alterations in plant as¬semblies. Assembly rules are processes in nature that may help explain the existence of vegetation in various ecosystems. It may also indicate that invasion by Chinese Privet can reduce a forest’s ability to store carbon, a potential concern in reference to climate change. In addition to Chinese Privet, Japanese and Glossy Privet are common invaders in northern Florida woodlands.