Hello everyone, and thank you for coming this evening to hear our presentation.  I’m Olivia Garnett, this is Mary Hejna, and this is Helen Graham.  We’re all third-year graduate students in the landscape architecture program at the University of Michigan. PSH is our Masters project, and that came about when Eric Schade of the Scenic Highway Foundation approached our school about using a team of graduate students to come up with an improved Master Plan for the corridor.  We came down here last May for a week to actually see the Highway, do some information gathering, and meet with the Scenic Highway Foundation and other people here that have been doing a lot of work to maintain and improve the highway.  Since then, we’ve been doing research and beginning to draft our proposals for the improvement and beautification of the corridor, and these in-process plans are what we’re here to share with you tonight. This project will come to completion in May 2012; in the meantime, we’re looking to your suggestions and your reactions to our ideas in order to adapt and revise our work into the final product that we will deliver then.