Here’s our agenda for tonight’s presentation; we’re first going to run through the results of our site analysis with you.  This was our examination of the physical and environmental conditions that currently exist at the site, and our evaluation of these helped us formulate the preliminary designs we’ll show you in the next segment of our presentation.  These conceptual designs are really the core of our presentation, and they treat the potential for improved pedestrian access along Scenic Highway, and the potential for redesigning four sites in particular along the corridor: Mallory Heights, a city-owned property with the potential for public use, but where nothing currently exists, Bay Bluffs Park, Chimney Park, and the Park & Ride just south of the I-10 interchange.  We’ll then discuss the research we’ve been doing on remediation some of most pressing ecological issues on the bluffs, most notably erosion and invasive species control.  Last, we’ll show you some work we’ve been doing on branding for the Scenic Highway and the foundation.