We’re defining viewsheds as spots along the highway where there is the potential for impressive views of the bay, should selective clearing of the heavy vegetation currently there take place.  The establishment of these viewsheds will help Scenic Highway live up to its name, by creating a more exciting, visually rewarding trip along the highway for drivers.

The locations along this map have been strategically selected; some because they provide an initial view of the bay for travelers entering Scenic Highway from the north or south. Others have been selected because of their location relative to the entrances to Bay Bluffs or the proposed recreational area at Mallory Heights.  These can entice drivers with views of the bay, and give them enough time to pull over into the park that’s ahead.

This viewshed could offer a view onto the bay in a spot where the road is returning to the coast after running inland, or gives travelers traveling south a last glimpse of the bay for a mile or so when the highway leaves the bay.

This perspective refers to this viewshed, where there’s also potentially room for simple landscaping to create a pleasant pull-off, the nature of which we tried to capture here.  We haven’t considered the issues, from a traffic flow perspective, that creating such a pull-off might involve.