Logos and Branding:
We have also been busy working on branding and logo ideas that would be specific for the Pensacola Scenic Highway.  Having a logo could really help to create a sense of identity in the community and when representing the highway in various documentation, and online presentation, such as the new website.

Logo with Script:

We started with this idea based on a simple color scheme of bright and cheery yellows and blues.  We used this color scheme in all of our logos and the map we created to really represent the sunshine-y scenic nature of the highway and the bay.
One possible use for this style of logo, could be a highway sign placed at strategic points along the road and entry points.

Logo with long leafed pine:

Our next logo design is the silhouette of a long leafed pine set against the backdrop of the bluffs and water.  It is shown as an example of how the logo could be used as a part of the current website design.

Logo with osprey:

And our final design was created from a photograph taken on our last trip to Pensacola.  This design shows an osprey perched on the branches of a tree along the bluffs, a common sight along the highway.  This example shows how this logo could be used in the newsletter.

Greyscale logos:

All of these examples were also created in black and white, as a less expensive option for reproduction on the various documents and stationary, in which it might be used.  As with all of our ideas we’ve introduced to you today, we are of course open to any suggestions on how they can be improved upon for you before our next visit to Pensacola.