In this part of our analysis, we identified the most major access points onto Scenic Highway, with the idea that these were areas where it’s critical to give people an immediate and strong introduction to the Scenic Highway, with landscaping and signage. We also located areas that seemed to have the greatest potential for improved pedestrian access along the corridor.

South Bayou Texar:
The southernmost major access point occurs at the Bridge over Bayou Texar; we’ve called out here spots that could be used to formally announce the highway to drivers and pedestrians, with plantings and Scenic Highway Signs.

Mallory Heights:
This slide illustrates the potential for more formal pedestrian access along the highway corridor, between places that already experience high volumes of public use–the South and North entrances to Bay Bluffs–and a place that has the potential for public use–Mallory Heights in the south.

Summit Blvd:
This intersection of Summit Blvd and Scenic Highway, right at the northern entrance to Bay Bluffs Park, we identified as being a very important hub of both pedestrian and vehicle access.  It serves both as a major entry way to the highway, and a first, head-on look at the Highway’s most extensive park property. We also believe Summit Blvd itself is an important linkage between the Scenic Highway and downtown with the potential for improvements that will extend Scenic Highway’s presence in that direction.

Access North:
This is the I-10 interchange, and these are areas we’ve called out to the north and south of it that are also opportunities for signs and landscaping that announce the Scenic Highway.