These are an overview of the lay of land we’ll be working with on each of the 4 areas we’ll be focusing on. Contour lines labeled with elevations in feet show this is in 2-D; the other graphic is a 3-D pop-up of this.

Mallory Heights:
This is Mallory Heights; the area we’ll be designing is this level area here, though you can see it’s adjacent to this area, in which a section of the bluff slumped away a year or two ago, and which is thus a sensitive area that we want to be sure we don’t impact.

Bay Bluffs Park:
Here’s Bay Bluffs Park, the north and south parking areas, and in between, we observed these very steep slopes that indicate possible hazards for people exploring the bluffs off the boardwalk, and also sites of severe erosion.

Chimney Park:
You can see here that Chimney Park is a pretty level expanse of ground; the only real grade change exists at the railroad embankment.

Park and Ride:
Here’s the parking area at the Park and Ride; for the sake of our proposed improvements, we’re looking more or less only at the level area that extends immediately beyond that parking area.